Friday, August 17, 2012

Smith Family Reunion- camping in Wood River

August 8-11 Smith Family Reunion, Wood River Campground, Ketchum, ID. 

On the way to the campground we (Waite, Douglass, Mom & Dad) all stopped in Mountain Home to eat lunch and to get a new spare tire for the tent trailer, since the original tire tread had ripped completely off and was riding on the rubber tube for a few miles before we arrived. It was a huge blessing that it held up and didn't pop! While waiting an hour to get our new spare tire, we decided to get ice cream at TCBY. Jetta and I shared a rainbow vanilla frozen yogurt-delicious! 
 It was even cooler because it matched my shirt!

We all arrived safely at the campground and set up camp. I was excited as this was Lincoln's first time camping! He spent a lot of time sleeping- all the fresh air must have worn him out! But he was very happy when he was awake. I think he liked camping as much as I do! :)

We rigged up a sweet set up for Lincoln- a jogging stroller bed! He lounged in this most of the weekend. It made it easy for me to take him back and forth between our 2 campsites. 

Mommy & Lincoln's bed for W & Th before Michael came on Friday. 
 All bundled up for the cold night. He slept for 8 hrs! His first time. It was awesome! Except I woke up 3x thinking he would be getting up:)
 Snuggled up in my sleeping bag :)
 Sleeping in Grammy & Papa's bed

Everybody Roasting Hot Dogs

 We spent lots of time doing crafts like embroidery, painting rocks, and making bracelets, as well as visiting by the campfire, fishing in the river, and enjoying cooking outside.

 Check out the double chin on this kid!

On Friday I decided that Lincoln needed a bath. He had dirt in between his fingers and toes and was all sweaty since it had been like 90 degrees on Wed and Thurs. He enjoyed bathing in Grammy's tent trailer sink!

All in all it was a wonderful family reunion thanks to Heather & Paul for planning and putting it together! 

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  1. So fun!!! It was a great reunion this year for sure!!