Friday, August 17, 2012

1500 miles in 5 days- Star to St. George & back

Our niece Campbell (Sharie & Drake's daughter) turned 8 last month and got baptized on March 3. Michael and I were lucky enough to go to the wonderful event! Since I don't travel well, due to motion sickness in the car, we decided not to drive more than 5 hours each day. This gave us an excuse to take a 5 day trip and visit with our family! We left Thursday around 1 to go to Saratoga Springs and stay with Kim and Tom. The roads were pretty good, there was some snow, and we made it there by 7:30pm. The trip flashed by for me since I read a book the entire time....sorry to Michael for not being better company. We had so much fun talking with Kim, Cindy, Casey and the kids!

On Friday Cindy, Casey, Zach, Michael & I drove to Sharie & Drake's house. We had fun solving riddles and playing word games on the way. Saturday Kim & the rest of the kids came and we got to see Campbell get baptized. Michael and I also got to do a sealing session in the St. George temple. It was really cool to see it, especially since I had a few ancestors on my Gramma's side who helped build it. It is a beautiful temple and it was such a wonderful day! We all headed back to Saratoga Springs late that night. Michael & I stayed in Provo with Aunt Doreen & Uncle Dan after visiting with Scott until 3 am.

 My first time ever seeing a palm tree! 

 On Monday we started on our journey home, stopping in SLC to do an endowment session in the Salt Lake Temple. I was thrilled to finally be able to go inside this beautiful, amazing temple.

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